Thursday, January 28, 2010

humming mmm is my new habit. 41 m + 34 m

i notice a new habit is shaping up.

it all began at the beginning of the year. and spontaneously too. after i finish singing 36 rounds of aum, i would glide into humming the extended resonance mmmm. the buzz would build and build. it would fill up the arms, hands, until the fingers feel like living, warm water balloons bouncing gently.

soon molecules and cells from deep within the body respond and reverberate in sync. there's something phenomenally calming and settling about it. sweet too. 

after a while the humming would fade out on its own. and then i would sit quietly. the incoming and outgoing breaths move in a soothing, steady rhythm, cradling my boundless consciousness. while i am acutely aware of the body which is in a sturdy, stable easy lotus posture i am absorbed in the lively tranquility permeating all corners of my pure awareness that is free of ego pollution.

it is the allure of this experience that pulls me to return to my breath over and over during the day as i go about the worldly tasks. it is the knowledge that i have the tool to connect with this state within that puts the body and mind at ease. and so i am freed up to be fully in the present. and, o me o my, there is so much joy and fun in the present. i would have missed it, and i did for so long, if the body and mind were held captive to the tangle of habitual tendencies.

thank you, my new habit.

i love it so much that i suddenly notice that i am humming as i blog.

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