Saturday, September 3, 2016

nectar figs from kitchen water

check this out. my figs. no, not photoshopped. the real thing. big as my palm. HUGE.

welcome to fig harvest in my backyard.

here's the story. hwubby knows fig is my top fave fruit. fresh, not dried.

by the way i never even saw a fresh fig before i came to california. chinese make deliiish soup with dried figs. i am still awestruck when i touch a fresh, succulent fig.

so hwubby planted a mini fig tree. why mini? he said, so it's easy for you to pick. he is sweet, eh!

it took several years for the tree to take root and grow before beginning to bear fruit. it's so worth the wait. the tree is tiny but not the fruits.

being aware that california is in drought i have been watering it with....tah dah.... grey water. the tree is not directly outside kichen. i have to go thru mud room, out the back door, and down back porch stairs. so i collect grey water in a small plastic.

to be honest, it's not much. a few tub-ful-s a day at best, but, look at the amazing outcome.

heavenly nectar they are. two of them are equivalent to a basket of them from the store.

as i munch on them i am filled with amazement. such miracle. abundance. there're so much going on in all this. i don't understand any of it.

this much i know though. nature is surely, truly, super intelligent.

one, two, three, four, five, six,..huge, great good yummy fortunes beckon me so long as i keep putting forth my small, sweet effort. it's fine that i don't know the mechanism of how figs extract essence from grey water. i still get to enjoy the nectar in its fullness.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

backbone of my life

from collection of pujari outfit

i love my daily meditation practice. it is the backbone of my life. i structure my daily schedule around my meditation practice, wouldn’t want to live any other way.

in the shifting sands of life my meditation practice is my anchor.

again and again, deep in meditation i experience profound contentment, happiness, strength and so much more.

over time i find it easier and easier to go about what i have to do in the world while being aware of my innate calm, clarity and certainty.

little by little, i become more and more immersed in this understanding, that when i sit down to meditate with the intention to meditate, then whatever happens is meditation. on some days meditation can be choppy, stormy, whatever. at other times i experience enchanting lights, luminous insights, illuminating visions, or.... nothing. to be accurate, it's beautiful silence shimmering quiet bliss, deep contentment and rock solid recognition of my own strength. coming out of meditation, it never ceases to amaze me, day after day, how fortunate i am to be able to sit for 2 hours quietly. i notice that the understanding is ever fresh, ever full and fragrant.

 i enjoy looking for ways to further strengthen my meditation practice in the same way i fertilize the gorgeous roses in my garden periodically. given california is still in drought i have to be mindful of using water. it's astonishing to see what a bit of weekly soaker-hosing can do to roses. it's astonishing to see how little they need to keep blooming. every week i have more than enough vibrant blooms to put on arati trays and altar.
arati tray