Saturday, January 23, 2010

meditation is my connection technology. 39 m + 37 m

an instructive comes through clearly and gently as i prepare the body into the easy lotus posture. pay kaiser bill today.

i immediately know that i have forgotten all about this one amidst getting the month-end and year-end financial data ready.

but, here's the deal. i notice a few things about my inner state. first, it's utterly unperturbed. the tendency to beat myself up is nowhere. second, i realize when i send out the payment today i am not paying ahead of time, nor behind, but, rather, right on time. so it's not too much time, too little time, but, just enough time.

it's this sense of enoughness that i find my consciousness filled with. i'm thankful to the gentle reminder from the inner self. really appreciate it.

last, but not least, in fact, i would say, above all, i am so very pleased with the connection to my inner self. just the recognition of this gives an extra little support in the spine to send it soar a little higher while i am firmly grounded.

and, with a silent switch in awareness i return to sending blessings and prayers to all our haitian neighbors.

there is no disruption in my inner state.

in this simple mind, i can find no higher connection technology than meditation.
this is the truth. this is the truth. this is the truth.

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