Wednesday, January 20, 2010

holding our haitian neighbors in supreme consciousness. 39 m + 16 m

the smiling moon last night is exquisite. it quietly keeps me company as i leave vito's sweet and charming abode after an evening of ecstatic chanting, stilling meditation and yumyum eating.

shivaa, ever thoughtful and sensitive, made little toasts of spelt bread topped with cherry tomato chunks and olive oil. each piece is a satisfying meal on its own.

by the way, i can no longer own the title 'i am a ch-ew/jew-nese' now that we have shu lin with us. it's so uplifting to see a young adult knowing with such cheerful conviction what the top priority in her life is. watching her dedication to spiritual study and service is truly inspiring. and she is so poised, so beautiful. hey, the tribe of ch-ew/jew-nese is growing fast and strong:) and not to forget we can shop talk the nuts and bolts of gluten-free, wheat-free baking and cooking.

i digress.

our primary intention is to hold all embodied souls, living and passing, in haiti, in our awareness as we surf and swim in the pond of nectar of the sacred sounds. i have no doubt that i am in this protected and sheltered space within and without. the subtle sound stays in my consciousness all the way. at some point i forget the limited, habitual thinking that here i am in my consciousness, there they are, vito, shivaa and shu lin, in their different consciousness. in a quiet and clear manner i see that we are united in one transcendental state while being diverse.

in this way i see the soothing supreme consciousness imbuing everyone of our haitian neighbors.

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