Saturday, January 9, 2010

craving for the nasal resonance. 38 m + 15 m

as i go about my daily 36 rounds of aum it is clear that there is huge desire for the nasal resonance. how do i know for sure? well, after the last round, i sense some spontaneous actions happen: the back of tongue naturally arch up, the tip of tongue lightly touching the back of lower teeth, the mouth gently open, and i watch in amazement the humming tone reverberating in the nose and forehead. after a little while i can feel a gentle and steady hum buzzing all the way out there in the fingertips and toes and everywhere in between.
it's a deeply calming and settling feeling. i can't get enough of it. i pretty much hum my way through the entire meditation. the buzz builds and builds as tranquility further digs in.

as the exhalations become longer and finer, these words wave through me over and over,  after my hunger of ages i feed on thy light.

they feel exactly what my body and mind are experiencing. the vibration in the syllable's extended resonance holds the essential nutrient that the cells crave.

it's such a relief that i finally know what's the food i am hungry for. the sustenance that keeps me connected with my inner self.

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