Friday, January 15, 2010

time is elastic. 45 m + 17 m

for the third day i include my haitian brothers and sisters in singing aum and meditation.

for the third day i spontaneously slide into doing the nasal resonance before settling into the ocean of my breath.

for the third day i hear this from within, be light, be the light that you are.

with that i drop into the great deep of consciousness where time is elastic. hwubby says, last night i meditated 10 minutes, it was deep as can be, and this morning i meditated an hour, it was great and it didn't feel any longer or shorter than that ten minutes, isn't it something? it sure is something.

the psalms say, a thousand years is a blink in god's eye. so, suk wah, while you stay in the present hold this understanding in your consciousness. yes, my inner self, thank you. 

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