Monday, January 11, 2010 ayer asher ayer. 38 m + 11 m

today, again, i'm even further drawn to the nasal resonance after the audible sound of aum is no more.

once i've gone through with the 36 pearls of my aum beads i'm just quietly filled with the steady sound of the ocean waves in the breath as it comes in and goes out.

and then the mechanism of the resonance happens spontaneously.
as i watch the lips alternate gently between coming together and opening slightly, that reverberation permeates the nose, forehead, fingertips and all cells and molecules in between. i don't see an end to the vibration, neither a beginning, nor a middle. my consciousness, just as deep in outer space, is a sphere of silence in unbroken pulsation. how to describe this sphere? i could not have said it better than joseph campbell: the circumference is nowhere and centers everywhere.

all names and forms that ever were, are and will come to pass are within this pulsating silence.

at one point i see this thought come up: this feels so nice, i don't know if i want to come out of it. and then i just let my my awareness roam in the state where there is no sense of time passing.

eventually a message gently emerges from the breath flow, a list of tasks pretty much in the order they need to be taken care of: make tonics to flush out sniffles for hwubby and me, email editor to set up  next appointment, add this and that to grocery list, plan out this week's cooking, thank-you cards to this and that person, print out this and that in preparation for tax return, and so on and so forth.

i have no doubt that the voice guiding me from within is no different from the voice saying to moshe, ayeh asher ayeh, the force that guides enslaved people out of narrow consciousness.

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