Thursday, January 14, 2010

sucking bone, inner self. 45 m + 33 m

it isn't until i hear the timer going ugg-ugh-ugh that it occurs to me i drop out in the midst of singing aum.

truly it's a wonderful and marvelous thing. i'm filled with this buoyancy spiced with this robust buzz in the arms, hands and fingers. i feel so safe in the strong and sturdy posture. the comfort level is way high, beyond measure. the spine is a masterfully constructed column permeating delicious lights. at one point i remember two of my all time favorite eating pleasures: sucking the tiny bit of fluid between vertebrae and joints, extracting bone marrow. in fact, i just had a great time last night sorting through a big pot of soup of lamb shanks and fresh ginger that was cooked for six hours. i guess i could call that meditation in action:)

i digress.

now i totally forget the insight that yogic insight that i have in meditation and i say to myself, no, i don't need to write it down, i won't forget it. there you go.

no wonder, the yogic scriptures say it again and again, sages say it again and again, my meditation teacher says it again and again, we live mostly in forgetfulness, with glimpses of remembrance. so, for this simple mind, the real work is to strive to catch myself forgetting as soon as possible. hwubby says, i'd say the work is to proactively remember. spot on, hwubby.

may hwubby and i be what we already are: light, consciousness, bliss. all else is habitual tendency.

and what is that, suk wah? my inner self. yeah.

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