Friday, January 29, 2010

meditation: connection technology, mobile experience device. 40 m + 29 m

coming out of meditation today is like rising up from somewhere deep within at a slow, steady pace. i'm not a diver but it comes to me this is probably sort of like a diver rising up from the ocean deep.

the feeling is exquisite beyond measure. the firmament of consciousness is fundamentally an enigma. yet quietly humming from its vast space is a complex, symphonic sense that holds the synergy of so many wonderful things. in one moment i taste delightful sweetness, in that moment vibrant contentment, and, in another, bright aliveness. together they become one sense, the sense that i own phenomenal magic within.

last night i have a dream. the part that i remember now unfolds like this. all shapes, forms and colors around me dissipate in a flicker. i find no difference between what's inside and outside of me. it's all part and parcel of one boundless place. it reminds me of the deep outer space as revealed by the ever more powerful telescope.

now, here comes the action sequence. i find myself moving around like a rocket powered by a steady, super force blazing through the crown of my head. there is no sound, no chaos. the feeling is more like a toddler running around exploring the world with fresh awe and wonder. the fun is off the charts.

before i am fully ready to come out of meditation posture i have also received a few practical instructions on how to do this and that task that i need to take care of today.

without a doubt, meditation is my choice of connection technology. it is the most mobile of all mobile experience devices. it is light as light. there's no worry that i might lose it. it has a trove of incredible apps. its hardware is ever new, ever fresh. it recharges itself so long as i use it regularly. it really has a lifetime guarantee that is as long as i am not yet exhaling my last breath. and the pricing is beyond competition.

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