Saturday, January 30, 2010

meditation is so much fun. 40 m + 23 m

meditation never ceases to amaze me.

case in point. today while i am enjoying my breath flowing freely everywhere in the body and consciousness, humming and buzzing happily all the way into the bone marrow, i see 5 words bright and clear: stay present; watch; have fun.

i know right away this is the fruit of my sustaining contemplation on what i ought to learn from this mouse episode.

why? how does that work? here's how. when i see the fear along with the memory coming in from the mental horizon, return awareness to the present moment. what about the storm of fear? just watch it like i would watch stormy weather from the kitchen out of the corner of my eye while i get on with chopping. should i go out to fight thunder, lightning and pouring rain? of course not. hunker down till the storm goes away. it's the same thing with a mental storm stirred up by memory, thought, emotion. no need to fight it. storm comes, storm goes. hunker down in the shelter of the self within.

meanwhile keep my attention in the present moment, and enjoy. it's that simple.

so i calmly scribble the 3 step, 5 word plan and plunge right back into the hum and buzz in the easy breath. it's really fun meditating.

and then i see the fun of fun. the first letter of 'stay' and 'watch' turn out to be my very own name: s for suk and w for wah. and fun? it has the same sound as my favorite chinese rice noodle. i'd love to have fun for breakfast, lunch, dinner or anytime of the day.

how cool is that. how fun is that.

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