Thursday, January 7, 2010

writing new apps for the mental circuitry. 38 m + 8 m

floating on little pockets of light.

yes, that's what's happening in the spine as i enjoy my steady and easy lotus posture.

once i have followed through with the preparation step-by-step i don't have to do anything else but watch the spinal column grounded solidly in the foundation and soaring skyward. one vertebrae stacks neatly and comfortably on top of another with a tiny cavern of dazzling luminance in between.

the mind is filled with a sense of restfulness beyond measure. priceless.

now i recall i have this experience as well the other night in shivaa's shining abode, singing and meditating on aum with her and laura. i didn't think it was possible to find words to even crudely approximate the experience. i still don't think it is possible to fully and accurately portray it but i'm willing to try because i know this is what the state of body and mind ought to be. the more and better i articulate my own experience helps to write a new app for the mental circuitry as i strive to move away from the old ones that are set in poverty consciousness.

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