Monday, December 14, 2009

what is the real chanukkah miracle?

on the way home after the best ever chanukkah party with our fellow congregants hwubby says, i think the real miracle is recognizing what we have is enough.

earlier in the evening, before we light all the menorahs that people have brought, rabbi lerner asks, what is the real chanukkah miracle?  then he says, the real miracle is not one day's portion of lamp oil keeps the flame going for 8 days, no, it's to go ahead lighting the lamp even though it looks like there's not enough to last beyond 1 day.

it's recognizing the possibility of possibilities. it's the conviction that the existing reality is not the one and only reality. it's the fearlessness and strength to take the bold first step even though all odds are against that which you believe in. the true and real bottom line is this: yhvh is the force that makes possible that is to become that ought to be.

it is, indeed, yhvh makes possible for enslaved people to be freed.

the hebrew word mitzrayim besides meaning 'egypt' also symbolizes 'narrow consciousness.'

what is the first step to embark on a seemingly improbably journey? i have to come out of the land of narrow consciousness.

let the expansive consciousness shine with the understanding that what i have is enough. how can it be otherwise, really? what i have is the inner self. it is no different from the force that makes possible transforming that is into that ought to be.

happy chanukkah. let everyone light up their inner menorahs. let the consciousness of all radiate  possibility of possibility. let latkes everywhere be delicious and plentiful.

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