Thursday, December 17, 2009

yawning crazy and then...guiding spark

the body goes through a few twists and turns before i could coax it to get up. it is a yawning orgy. yawn to tears, yawn till the body is all stretched out head to toe like a ball of dough rolled into flatbread, yawn like the jaws are about to break, yawn and tremble and uttering sounds shooting up from the base of the guts. not a pretty sight.
so i am really surprised when i am just about to sit down to do 36 rounds of aum something comes to me. i immediately know what it is. yesterday i was working on a marketing piece and halfway through it i couldn't figure out how to go on. and now, the inner self is giving me laser-sharp guidance, pointing out a way so simple and obvious that i tease myself, why didn't you see this, suk wah?

but i am even more surprised that i don't even have an iota of urge to keep going with the shining idea. calmly and quietly i thank my inner self, scribble the guiding spark and on i go to aum.

i am so in the reality of the inner self. i know i am making the right efforts to stay connected with the self within. i will know what to do when it is the time to do it. thank you, my inner self.

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