Thursday, December 10, 2009

thank you, my pragmatic and wise inner self. 38 m + 3 m

i'm sitting in a swivel chair to meditate. the practice of aumming really helps greatly to adapt my home practice into a hotel room setting. the sounds and extended resonance firmly and gently lead my body and mind to settle into the vibrant sweetness circulating in the steady, easy breath.
at some point i notice the body begin to sway slowly and gently in a circular motion. i know for sure the body is reflecting what's happening within: the extended resonance mmm swirling around the invisible edges of consciousness. the subtle stirring creates a steady stream of enoughness.

the feeling is so nice that i can just keep doing this all day long. but the inner self sends forth a gentle reminder: time to come out, full day ahead.

so, onward and upward. and don't forget to take with me the sparks that illumine the way to approach a couple of projects that i have to take care of. thank you so much, my inner self. you are truly the one and only source of wisdom and guidance that i can count on. you've got my back covered at all times. thank you, thank you, thank you, my in-house coach. 

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