Wednesday, December 16, 2009

i am. possibility of possibility. probability of probability. 38 m + 13 m

i am...i am..i am... it goes on and on uninterrupted. it is what i hear through a soundless voice as the chest gently bellows in and out, imbuing my body and mind with subtle throbs.

and a realization comes.
the possibility of possibility. the probability of probability. that is i am. i am that.

then i remember moshe and the burning bush, that burns but does not consume. moshe says, i am not fit for this improbable task, and who are you anyway?

i am...the possibility of possibility.  i am that which transforms what is to what it ought to be.

for the most part of today's meditation i am immersed in a visual that involves an awesome birthday cake. in the bright and beautiful visual i forget all that i have associated with 'i am' so far, i am not good enough, i don't have enough, i am not enough, i am chinese, i am american, i am a wife, i am a writer. all that i am is "i am".

indeed. i am all of those things. and so much more. more than what the mind could ever make up. i am the possibility of possibility and improbability. now that is a birth worth having a cake for.

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