Saturday, December 19, 2009

i am a little flea.

on our way home with a belly full of yummy latkes and the mind filled with the brilliance of a fully lit menorah, hwubby says, out of the blue, so i guess there will always be some mystery about life, right?
i say, i don't know but i remember this story about fleas that einstein told when he was asked over dinner, can you tell us what the theory of relativity is?

hwubby says, what about fleas?

now i am paraphrasing einstein.

2 fleas living as parasites on an elephant decide to find out what this 'elephant' is. they set out, look around them and try to describe what they see: flat, gray, hard. then they nod and say, yeah, that's what the elephant is.

hwubby says, right, the fleas can't wrap their minds around the totality of the elephant.

this morning coming out of meditation he says happily, i am a little flea. i say, i am a little flea too.

and these are two happy little fleas:)

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