Thursday, December 31, 2009

another marvelous dream

waking up at night i find the sound and movement of the natural breath at the driving wheel of the body and mind.

the ocean sound in breath as it comes in and goes out waves through the shores of the mind. the power within sands out all the mental roughness. all the inner eye can see is a deeply smooth lake surface. reminds me of the moonlit expansive water in the dream a couple of nights prior.

as a matter of fact i enter yet another dream as the gentle movement of the breath rocks me like a loving mother would her baby.

hwubby and i are scheduling a bunch of adventures. in a quiet flip in the dreaming state i am already in a bustling narrow street in wan chai, where i was born and used to be famous as the red light district for visiting american sailors. i am by myself. i don't have any luggage. i reach into my pocket and know all i have is a few american one dollar bills.

i walk into a small, dark store, ask for a room. some traditional chinese woman, with a wide, bony, ginger face, points to a tiny opening behind a wood stove. i squeeze my body through it. i feel fine about it because i know this will serve the purpose and i'll stay there until i finish the work i have in mind.

i wake up, feeling light, clear and strong. the breath is deep and easeful. a sweet warm gently permeates the body and mind.

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