Friday, December 11, 2009

i always have what i need. my inner self.

didn't time today's meditation because hwubby was still asleep. i groped around in a dark hotel room, only did the bare essentials so i could sit in an easy lotus posture.

here's the amazing thing.

when i feel ready to come out of meditation i noticed i clocked in 45 m, about the optimal goal i shoot for everyday.

here's another amazing thing.

a while ago i lost some data, including the notes from a free teleseminar i took regarding marketing hwubby's book.

a couple of weeks ago an opportunity showed up. to move it forward we have to prepare a proposal and, bam, i realized i need those notes for this. i quickly decided, i am not going to get sucked into the old habitual tendency to dwell in the past. instead i focus on this: what can i do with what i have right now, and i have a lot? and, just like that, no more than a few rounds of easy breath i hear a msg from within. you are fine, you have what you need. i'm not sure if it is 'you have' or 'you'll have'. but i do know this. i feel a steady swell of confidence and conviction. i have no doubt that between hwubby and i and our inner selves we can figure this out. we plan to work on it next week after the portland trip.

fast forward to the day we checked into the hotel in portland. guess what? an email showed up announcing the offering of the very same teleseminar, still free. so yesterday i retook it.

i truly have what i need. thank you, my inner self, for guiding me so very beautifully 24/7.

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