Sunday, December 20, 2009

who knew "grab bag" can be such spiritual opportunity?

i love it. it's sooo fun and sooo spiritual. it turns up the heat on gifting and kicks it up another notch.

it certainly helps us all to get into the mood with the yummy latkes and frikasees that gail and neil made. it's a huge deal to keep latkes warm and crispy for thirty people. and gail has definitely successfully tweaked the ancient frikasee recipe with olives and raisins.

with a satisfied stomach we are ready to dive into to the "grab bag" adventure.

why do i like it so much? to begin with, i get to practice embracing the unknown in the present moment.

is there a choice? no. i try to decide before my number come up whether to choose something from the bag of wrapped 'unknowns' or steal one thing from what others before me already picked and unwrapped before everyone in the party.

i can't't decide. the mind is blank and noisy at the same time. to choose? to steal? a total beehive.

when it is my turn i approach the bag, turn in my number and look into the big and full bag. in that moment a miracle happens. the mind becomes quiet and still. relaxedness envelope me. i breathe steady and easy. then in a natural way the eyes settle onto a small rectangular package wrapped in deep ocean blue. i pick it up, open it. a soft leather dress wallet. i know this is exactly what hwubby needs.

then comes the time to practice detachment as the remaining guests go through their seesaws of pick-or-steal. what if someone wants my wallet?

no sooner than the unsettling feeling arise i hear the guidance from within. let go, you have no control over this.

and so i return to the relaxed state of consciousness as well as the awesome fun rocking the place.

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