Tuesday, December 22, 2009

why don't i remember dreams? 38 m + 7 m

i don't remember most of the dreams i have had. in fact for a long time, what i could remember, at best, was the quality of them. stuffed with worry, fear, anxiety, panic, smallness and their extended family.

so when rabbi lerner asks us, why don't we remember dreams, i really perk up my ears because i don't know and i want to know.
he says (and i'm paraphrasing), for most of us most of the time it's the voice of the ego that is the dominant voice driving our lives, so it is only when the ego is asleep the voice of yhvh, that which transform what is to what it ought to be, can come through but once we wake up, the ego is yapping loud again, forget it, be realistic, it's just a dream.

from this simple mind, what he says feels exactly right on. it's all about remembering the possibility of possibility, remembering i am none other than the inner self which is, like a drop of water in the ocean, no different from that which makes possible this planet along with at least one hundred billion other galaxies. it's all about not forgetting what i am, what i have, is what everyone else are, what everyone else have and that's the foundation for respect, respect for myself, respect for all. it's all about knowing i already possess the source of infinite courage, humility and strength. so don't anywhere outside, suk wah, keep my gaze inward as i participate in life with gusto and, of course, chutzpah.

how do i keep remembering this? the only way i know that works for me is meditating regularly and building my day-to-day life around it.

indeed, i'm happpy to know that i have come to the realization that i can't live without meditation. i tried. it didn't work.

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