Monday, December 28, 2009

this year's meditation on joseph's story. 38 m + 10 m

i ask rabbi lerner, in the prayer invoking ancestors, joseph is not included but in the text his story is in great detail relative to yitzak and yaakov, why is that?
so, according to the rabbis, one of the views is that joseph's story is about how a family becomes an enslaved people.

wow. joseph's story is the first torah story i studied. in a one week workshop in esalen several years ago. since then i return to the story once a year thanks to the brilliant structure of torah study designed by the rabbis in ancient times.

i am so grateful for this invaluable tradition. every time i examine the story i learn something new, i see something i didn't see in the previous year, i ask a question that it didn't occur to me before.

from this simple mind, the hebrew bible is holy scripture. i study it for the purpose of expanding and clarifying my consciousness, liberating my body and mind from any thought, word and action that would limit or fog up the state of consciousness; to move away from poverty consciousness and towards abundance consciousness.

mahatma gandhi says, there are enough for the needs of everybody but not enough for the greeds of a few.

i have to watch out for the 'joseph' part of me, clever, smart, capable, phenomenal survival instinct, but, influenced by severe traumas, tending to act from the place of i don't have enough.

i have what i need and that is enough. living from this place of enoughness is the only way i know how to live fully in the present and see what needs to be taken care of. there is no need to take away people's land to further enrich the pharoah. taking care of the family is necessary but there's no need to scheme for wealth accumulation. there's no need to hoard anything except one. the connection with the inner self. that i guard fiercely.

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