Friday, December 25, 2009

my meditation practice is the goal in itself. 38 m + 41 m

this is a truly special holy-day gift. this is the gift i want.

no sooner than i began aumming i see with the inner eye that lord buddha is meditating in me. our meditation postures are one. with this vision an opening sensation quietly ripples through the body, synchronizing with the breath, and the mind expands into a serene realm.

my state of consciousness is one where there is no linear passage of time. i have no doubt that i am bestowed the reality that is described in the psalms: a thousand years is a blink in the lord's eye.

my awareness is watching my entire being. it is no different from the deep outer space. it is clear that galaxies of sparks are buzzing soundlessly in a calming rhythm. they fill me up with excitement and reassurance all at once. the sense of security is sublime beyond measure. the sense of peace is beyond what money can buy. the sense of completeness is...complete.

when i consciously decide to come out of meditation i discover what seems like time standing still is more than an hour has gone by in the physical reality.

often i am asked, why do you meditate? to be honest, i just love it. to me, my meditation practice is the goal in itself. to be able to sit quietly regularly with my inner self is priceless. shivaa, my dharma sister, is asked, what do you need meditation for? her kind and wise husband, norm, says, she's better with it.

norm is right and i would go further and say, i can't live with myself without meditation.

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