Wednesday, December 30, 2009

keeping the channel to inner self clear.

as another year of my meditation practice comes to an end i am getting myself ready for yet another great year ahead.

so here i am, following the step-by-step instructions of an exercise to create more space within the body and mind to allow the natural breathing movement to flow through.

soothing waves of energy caress the tensions lodged deep within the neck and shoulders. in a natural way i let out one big yawn after another. the shivers and trembles ripple through from head to toe and to all corners of the mind. the feeling is truly wonderful and marvelous. priceless.

the experience is one free of worry, soaked in fearlessness and strength. so very sweetly the chest moves in harmony with the easy and natural breath flow. the gentle and steady breeze of life force fans the flame of resolve, the burning determination to stay connected with my inner self.

aaahhh. i meditate not to have some balance between the outer and inner life. there is only one life. i want to live it in accordance with the guidance from the self within. the only way i know how to keep the communication channel clear is through meditation.

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