Tuesday, March 23, 2010

where is yhvh?

what is yhyh? here's my experience. it's all in the breath. sound. movement. all of it. which is the sound of inbreath? y? or h? either one works. i try both. one feels just as comfortable and wonderful as the other. hey, this is compassion.

it's fascinating and humbling to realize that whichever way i choose to go with i still end up flowing along in the easy breath. it's thrilling to have the direct knowledge that yhvh, that which makes possible a people to be freed from slavery, is in me 24/7. once i understand this it is only natural that i have respect for all because yhvh is in everyone.

i don't have to look out there anywhere for yhvh. i just have to become aware of it. breathe in nice and easy. breathe out nice and easy. here i am. immersed in my consciousness and on the way from what i am to what i ought to be. it's that simple.

hay. what a relief. what joy.

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