Thursday, March 11, 2010

the inner self knows mars retrograde is over.

didn't set timer. just meditated till i'm ready to get up, or, more accurately, i want to get up.

definitely feel a little more at ease today. yesterday afternoon hwubby said, i felt something lifted in meditation, and i remember my ayurvedic astrologer say this is the time when mars retrograde is over.

i have no idea what that means but i could just feel a deep and real sense of relief within, like letting out a long, satisfying sigh, and knowing that i have understood something to the root cause level.

i see that the inner self is very much tuned in to the way of the cosmos. i have to recognize that because of my steady efforts i have uncluttered and cleared a lot within so i do have a pretty clear connection to the inner self. i'm not saying it's 24/7. but i'm definitely a long way from tuned out and, in the words of hwubby, you're not listening.

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  1. Feeling it, too, that relief from the long Mars retrograde. Suddenly feeling like myself again, happy without the load of anxiety about the to do list and all that creation stuff. It's spring, it's lovely and easy, and I read in the Aquarium Age astrology that it will be another 10 days before the Mars energy really kicks in, so this is the awakening, reflecting, getting ready moment before the action starts. Yes, we are tuned in and part of the great Self of all. Thank you.