Friday, March 5, 2010

ease into it. ease into it. 45m + 22m

ease into it.

that's what comes to me as i glide into waking state at 2.45am. the inaudible sound of the message reaches beyond the physical ears. it reverberates in sync with the rhythmic movement of the chest being moved by the easy and deep breath. its vibration circulate in all corners of my consciousness.

what does it mean? in a way, the answer is in the three words of the message. but, equally important, what is it referring to?

this comes to me with the next inhalation. it is in connection with what my editor refers to as 'the frame of mind' that i need to have. my twin goals are pumping up forward momentum and guiding the characters to blossom. so it's not about how much of the book i can keep but, simply, what works.

how to ease into it? and, really, ease into what?

as i sit nice and tall in my easy lotus posture i watch the veil of restlessness and agitation dissolve into a resounding resonance that goes, in the end it has to come from within.

aaah. i have what it takes to get the job done. i know what to do. this is the opportunity to cultivate trust in the inner self.

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