Monday, March 1, 2010

inner self informs me on all kinds of things. hockey too. 39m + 27m

today is a yummy meditation. literally. because the intense aroma of simmering ginger lamb soup on the stove soak my consciousness, infusing the body and mind with a satisfying buzz that go really well with the extended resonance of aum.

i love the ginger lamb combo.

why? first of all, as far as my mind and body are concerned they love ginger. ginger really gets my qi going. then, the lamb. there is a gentleness about its texture and taste that is a class of its own and no other. but my inner self sees something else which is this. since last  week i've made some changes to my morning food. instead of oatmeal i have a handful of soaked almonds, goji berries, three dates, fennel seeds, as well as a few walnuts. the impact is phenomenal, game changing dare i say. gone is the energy dip at eleven. my alertness and clarity are up and steady. i feel light and full. no craving. no urge to nibble. the dark chocolate sheet has been sitting idle all week.

i can hear the voice of the inner self so sharp and clear. case in point. i was watching the third and last period of the epic hockey match between usa and canada. again and again i hear the inner voice go, usa will score one just before it's over. i really didn't like what i heard. so i pushed it down. but i could feel it lurking deep in the belly.

amazing how the inner self informs me on all kinds of things. now i just have to keep the inner space clear, hear what it says, and do it even though it may not be what i would like to hear.

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