Saturday, February 27, 2010

every meditation is going into the unknown. 38m + 24m

here's what's so fascinating about meditation. i cannot predict if i'll dream when i go to sleep. but i'll definitely have an experience when i meditate. i just cannot predict what it will be.

every meditation is going into the unknown.  in this context i can see the impatience, restlessness, agitation, doubt are all extended family of fear of the unknown.

a year and two months of singing and studying aum later i notice that the sacred sound, particularly the extended resonance, has the ability to chip away at the fear of the unknown in all its forms and disguises. of course the inner self knows it. that's why i'm moved to do the buzz after finishing with aum.

this holy buzz is sort of like those smart little mice that somehow can squeeze through a tiny slit, get into a drawer, pierce the plastic and, one by one, munch up the grains.

this humming space is throbbing fearlessness.

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