Wednesday, February 24, 2010

soup of contentment, whole grains of enthusiasm. 48m + 49m

it never ceases to amaze me what triggers an yogic insight and where and how it comes about.

case in point. there i am watching world news with brian williams, and this soldier taking apart a road side bomb. when asked what does it take to do this he said, without missing a beat, absolute clarity.

aaah. there are so many things i thank my meditation practice for. clarity is one of them. clarity in the body. clarity in the mind.

o yes, and clarity in the senses. i love eating. hwubby says, suk wah gets all crazy around food. he's right. i remember people, events, places by food. when we get an invite for something, the first thought i have is, will there be food? and i don't mean cheese and crackers.

i digress. see, i have enough mental clarity to see the thought train is veering off course.

anyhow, hwubby says, you are much better now, you don't just eat everything in sight.

right now, this moment, as i am typing this, it comes to me that i know i don't need to reach out for that huge slice of cheesecake to pacify the seemingly bottomless hunger that's been hammering me for so long in my life.

it is clear to me what i thought was appetite for more food was actually the yearning for soul nutrients, soup of contentment, whole grains of enthusiasm and the main course of joy.

now my favorite food is meditation. the proof is in the pudding. i am so absorbed that i just sit right through the timer beeps. happy eating, suk wah.

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