Saturday, February 13, 2010

hanging out with my own greatness. 45 m + 20 m

hanging out with my inner self. yeah. that's what meditation is about. that's what all my meditation experiences are about.

the only way to cultivate a relationship with my inner self, the source and supply of all my greatness and fabulosity, is through meditation. it's no different from cultivating a friendship, or any relationship. you just have to spend time together.

in fact, the best times hwubby and i have together are in silence, holding each other close.

i feel close to my inner self as i rest in the lovely sound in the easy breath. the sense of serenity is beyond words. the vibration of vitality is beyond measure. yet they are as real as can be.

and then i recall the long periods in my life when i was haunted by anguish and restlessness. they came up on me like a mouse sprinting out of seemingly nowhere. they gnawed at the fibers of being like the mice scratching behind the cabinet walls. i could never tell when they would burst onto the scene and where so i carried around with me a stubborn sense of unbroken dread.

i don't live like that anymore. the gutteral sense that i am the inner self builds a little more with each meditation. just as sunshine burn through fog.

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