Wednesday, February 10, 2010

thanks to vito. 45 m + 15 m

today's meditation goes to vito, my spiritual practice buddy. he's beginning chemo today. he's not a person who wants to draw attention to himself, always present at the practice with a gentle smile, and enthusiastically gives me a ride to the ashram 5.45 sunday morning. one time he just came by because he wasn't sure if he was supposed to come but he didn't want me to be stranded. that's how sweet he is.

i digress.

may healing lights be with vito every step of the way. may every person, every piece of instrument that crosses his path be filled with healing lights.

my breath today is that much more easeful. the body is firmly relaxed in the easy lotus posture. the mind is clear, quiet and open. the extended resonance subtly hums through all corners of awareness. thanks to vito, today's meditation is as sweet as can be.

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