Wednesday, March 17, 2010

yogurt soup fit for kings and sages

smooth sitting this morning. about one and half hour. plunging deep and fast like those extreme sports people jumping off a rock edge into a bottomless abyss. arms and hands are like water balloons that are pulsing with happy energy. coming out of meditation is gradual, like a cautious diver rising from the ocean deep.

i know i'm being lifted by the power generated from doing the spiritual practices with shivaa and buddies. their commitment and dedication are truly outstanding. vito shuttles shulin and me back and forth with lightheartedness and a shining smile. shivaa feeds us with a feast fit for kings and sages alike. i'm not really a great fan of yogurt soup. but she complements the acidity with baby lima beans, black mushroom broth. it's refreshing and rich all at once. just what we need to dive into the intoxication of chanting and meditating with gusto.

baby arugula from shivaa's garden is the salad highlight. its pungency is vibrant yet subtle. hard to imagine that combo. it makes the eating experience all the more awesome. i'm not a big fan for salad but this one, tossed with beet greens, frisee, red onion, pistachio, mango, blood orange and golden raisin is simply irresistible. i definitely overeat.  what can i do?:) i practically lick the plate dry while laura tells fun stories of how our meditation teacher does not like seeing food being wasted. indeed, at one point, one of my duty in the community kitchen was to go through a bucket, that was up to my chest and filled with old lettuce leaves, leaf by leaf. i loved it.

by the time we are at the finale chant i am swaying, clapping, waving hands and arms. from stomach to soul we are satisfied beyond measure.

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