Thursday, March 4, 2010

jewels and toilet. 45m + 31m

i come out of meditation, look at the timer and think, wow, it's more than an hour, it's much better than the last few days.

before the thought rolls into another thought and then another i see what's happening. it's the residual tendency to judge, to compare. each meditation is what each meditation is.

then i remember the dream from last night.
i am picking through a spread of jewelry. i'm marveling in the dream, so vivid, they look so real. the bejeweled turtle ear rings, in particular, catch my eye. there are quite a few pearl items, all shining warm radiance like natural pearls ought to. i put on several things including a pearl pendant set in diamond.

then i find myself squeezing into a narrow squat toilet while i'm worried about the pendant falling off. sure enough, getting up from the toilet set in the ground i see the pendant missing. i look to my right, down into the toilet hole which is piled with used, crumpled toilet paper. i wave the toilet attendant over. we start picking through them.

and then i wake up.

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