Saturday, March 6, 2010

be a natural b. 45m + 21m

humming and enjoying the buzz in the lips. buzz in the cheeks. buzz up the nose. buzz cruises around the crown of head. buzz filling up the fingers, palms and arms till they are buoyant balloons of gentle, soothing ocean waves.

that's a new practice of mine. in a way the mind cannot comprehend it makes my meditation that much  sweeter. so simple yet it's strong enough to hold the mind in this quiet, spacious place of the inner self. from here i hum along and watch emotions, thoughts and memory come by and wave them goodbye. i have no intention to let them stick around.

it is so natural to sit quietly like this. i say to hwubby, it feels natural now but it has taken so much work to get here, just to be natural. with a twinkle sparkling off his gorgeous lips, he says, don't be sharp, don't be flat, be natural.

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