Tuesday, April 20, 2010

i see things i couldn't

i said this before. i'll say this again. and again. my meditation practice makes me see things i couldn't see.

case in point. hwubby and i are working through a difficult situation. not very, very difficult. just difficult. it involves dealing with a bunch of people over a period of time. i watch mental activity with a recurring theme arise. i don't like this. i don't like that. i don't like this person. i don't like that person. blah blah blah.

in today's meditation, as well as yesterday's, once my body has settled into the easy lotus posture so comfortably that i have no desire to come out of meditation any time soon, i find my awareness in a super-duper refined and clear state. from here i hear and see subtle things. there's nothing wrong having feelings and thoughts. the only thing wrong is when you allow them to disconnect you from the inner self.

with this knowledge and understanding i have been able to come up with responses and actions that are respectful and kind and truthful to the other person as well as myself. a win-win situation. i could not have done it without meditation. and the funny thing is i don't sit down to meditate with the intention to find a solution to the problem. all i want is to cultivate the connection to the inner self. and all these incredible things happen. isn't it great?! stress? what stress?!

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