Saturday, April 17, 2010

ice cream and meditation

let this simple mind connect the dots between ice cream and meditation.

having ice cream is a pleasure. i wouldn't go so far as to say it's a guarantee but it would not be way off to say it's enjoyable for most people. what happens when i see, say, haagen daz vanilla cream? the mind says, i want it. what happens when i put a nice spoonful into the mouth? hmmm. soft. sweet. smooth. cool. a desire is fulfilled. the mind quiets down. and the light of the inner self shines through the silence. in that brief while, i experience pure bliss. not for long. another thought appears in the mind. i want more. here's the thing. more of what? for so long in my life i reach outward for more ice cream. now i know better. the bliss is from within. not from ice cream.

i really shouldn't take credit for this. i first heard this nineteen years ago. but i don't get it until i have a meditation practice in place. hey, never too late.

really, the desire for ice cream is a veiled expression of the longing to reach for the inner self.

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