Monday, April 12, 2010

meditation retreat experiences

moments after the first session in the all day meditation retreat kicks off i see contours of a storyline that i've been working at emerging and shaping. it's so exciting. i couldn't help but go along with it when i realize no, there's a time for everything and it's is not the time for this. i summon up the will to turn the attention around. breath by breath, little by little, my awareness settles into the cooling river of the humming sound in the breath. when the session is over i quietly jot down the keywords. only the keywords. i make conscious, sustained efforts to stay with what's at hand. to hold the mind clear and quiet.

in the third session i see a column of lights. beautiful vibrant lights. opal lights. i don't see the top and bottom of it. it is clear to me that it stretches up to the crown of head and base of spine. and beyond. lovely hues. shimmering, sparkling, shifting luminance of young green, clear sky blue, powder pink, hot pink, marigold yellow, lemon yellow. absolutely pleasing to the senses. i revel in it. after a while it all becomes a dazzling brilliance of white and the contours of the column disappear. just when i wonder why the inner self says, you are in the light. yes. i am the light. i own a trove of top quality gemstones within.

in the finale session my posture is as great and fresh as can be. hey, that's after meditating for almost seven hours since i did two hours beforehand.

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