Friday, April 16, 2010

there is just one life

once a fabulous monk says, on one hand you can meditate for a few minutes and that's fine and great. on another hand i find that when i sit for an hour, 45 minutes are for settling in and quieting down before i can go into a deeper state.

i never get what she means. today i have an experience of that. after almost an hour i realize i'm so comfortable in my easy lotus posture and easy, steady breath that i can effortlessly keep sitting. meanwhile this deep, substantive serenity permeates my awareness. every now and then i see an insight which, in a subtle way, illuminates something i couldn't see before. quietly jot a keyword down and i return to meditation. by the time i'm ready to come out of meditation i feel cool, clear and confident. the necessary tasks of the day are also mapped out. indeed there is not this life and that life. there is just one life. when i am anchored in the inner self my whole life flows properly.

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