Friday, April 9, 2010

be myself. everyone else is taken.

comparing with others. haven't heard from this old, old tendency for a while. and there it is, coming for a visit. this time i treat it differently. i watch it come. i watch it mutate. i watch it try to seduce me with various disguises. meanwhile i keep returning again and again to the stabilizing sound of the easy breath. i know for sure that i have finally passed the tipping point that i am so much more drawn to the light of the inner self than a tendency like this. it no longer has the power to take me away from meditating on the rich, beautiful silence of the inner self. it no longer has the power to trick me into identifying with that which is not who and what i am.

i am happy and content to be myself. besides, who else can i be? everyone else is taken:)

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