Friday, April 2, 2010

the naked inner self

over the years often i wonder why the ancient sages say the predawn hours are golden time for meditation. now i have an experience of that.

for years i couldn't get a meditation practice up and running during the predawn time slot. so i just meditated whenever i could. and that was that. today i meditate from four to six. i feel this closeness with my inner self that is so direct and straightforward. i'm trying to find a metaphor and all i can remember is what secretary clinton describes the relation between israel and usa. there's no daylight between the two. hmmm. i can use that. there's no daylight between my individual consciousness and universal consciousness. i am acutely aware of the body and the boundless universe all at once.

i am holding the naked body of the inner self with all its warmth and tenderness.

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