Wednesday, April 21, 2010

best way to multi-task? stay in the present

hwubby says, i like to do many things at the same time, wify likes to do one thing at a time. i think he's right...up to a point. after all at any given moment he can only be doing one thing even though his eyes are on the email screen, ears glued to the cell and fingers typing a doc.

anyhow it comes to me in meditation that the best way to multi-task is stay in the present. because the inner self is eternally in the present. i may look like i am doing only one thing. but what about the mind? hwubby would put it kindly. wify likes to think ahead. but the truth is the habitual tendency to worry runs old and deep. totally fear-based. i acknowledge i am doing better. now i see the thoughts and feelings that take me out of the present before they seize me up. a huge step forward.

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