Tuesday, April 27, 2010

looking at it, not being it.

i've been working at a simple and direct way to articulate it and hwubby nails it. looking at it, not being it.

indeed. all those thoughts and feelings that go through the mind. each has its own shape and size. some are smaller and others are larger. yet somehow they seem to speak something about life. what meditation teaches me is showing me what i am really about. i am the inner self. and yet i have the capability to forget in an instant what i've learned in many years and, boom, i'm all caught up in some thought and feeling. i don't like this. i don't like that. i like this person. i don't like this person. i'm sad. i'm happy. i'm angry. i want this. i want more of this. i'm not enough. i'm not good enough. i don't have enough. i feel great. i feel awful.

hwubby says, it's like stepping aside, noticing this and that coming up, then i say to myself, i am the self, and the 'this and that' goes away, just like that, and i feel something loosen within, like a knot untied.

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  1. Thnx - "I am the Self, and 'this and that' go away" -- love it -- and feel the knots untie. This is helpful to me, so I do thank you.