Wednesday, April 14, 2010

we meditators eat like kings and queens

i say, meditating together with my yogi buddies is like immersing in molten honey. that sense of sweet fluidity, that sensation of being in the ocean deep moving along in a warm current carries over to the next morning's meditation.

i'm sure the pure and yummy food that shivaa prepared with thoughtful, loving care has a lot to do with it. her tweak on presto, replacing pine nuts with roasted sesame seeds, is a brilliant stroke. it takes out the heaviness while keeping the rich aroma and flavor but so very lighthearted. it complements the adjuki bean soup wonderfully. a nice balance. and the gluten-free, dairy-free cornbread in a skillet. it's a winner. a simple, lovely taste. looks gorgeously golden. toss bits of it into the soup and there you have it, gluten-free croutons. what about the salad? with the refreshing tang of blood orange, juicy ripe mango, the roasted walnuts tossed among the fresh, young greens make this a fantastic meal on its own.

thanks to shivaa, we meditators eat like kings and queens.

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