Monday, November 23, 2009

the sweetness of torah

from this meditator's simple mind, the structure of torah study is brilliant and wise.

the five books of moses are divided into sections. every week in the year jews across the planet study the same section. if i don't know which parsha we are to study for a particular week, just log on and search and i am connected to the entire people.

for instance, a couple of sundays ago i was hunting in the bargain section in berkeley bowl west when hwubby comes to me and says, there are 2 men doing torah in the cafe.

 i know right away i can safely bet on what they are in: avraham. the day before we are on avraham leaving his homeland, so very likely this is what these guys are talking about over lox and bagel. maybe not exactly there because there's so much about avraham to learn from. but it's very likely to be something in connection with avraham's story.

hey, i am almost attempted to go join them and be in the sweetness of torah.

is it boring to study the same thing every year? well, is it boring to meditate everyday?

what i have found is that my state of consciousness is flavored a little differently every day. so every meditation is delicious on its own. in the same way, i'm in a different place every year (assuming i learn and grow.)  i can see something in the parsha i didn't see the previous year.

the five books of moses is a diamond with infinite facets. how much light of what hue and intensity i receive depends on where i am.

brilliant spiritual technology.

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