Friday, November 20, 2009

thank you, my inner self, thank you. 41 m + 13 m

today i have a new-found awe for my meditation posture.

i sure have come a long way. hwubby says, yeah, you have.

he is not referring to my meditation posture.

i digress.
now, back to my meditation posture. in the span of a couple of rounds of deep and easeful breaths i see a speedy montage of me ranging from unable to sit still for even a few minutes to fidgeting and aching all over the body, interspersed with periods of thinking i will never be able to sit upright to meditate regularly over a long period of time.

i see all this as i am aware of my consciousness being held in a steady, stable easy-lotus posture. open and bright. the effulgent extended resonance of aum permeates the ocean sound reverberating in the incoming and outgoing breaths. so much of the mental circuitry that used to seize and control me are now reduced to residues.

a soundless voice speaks, it is what it is, it was what it was, what it will be has a lot to do with what you do.

thank you, my own inner self, thank you.

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