Monday, November 30, 2009

tendency not yet uprooted. 39 m + 16 m

sitting in the enchanting sound and soothing movement of the breath i am steeped in the certainty that this is more than worth it to get up in the winter mornings.

not so fast, suk wah. what about yesterday? whoops.

i awoke at 4, got out of bed, and before long i returned to it, thinking it's only going to be a minute.

nope. very quickly the mind was preoccupied with thoughts of how warm and sweet the bed is and it's okay if i skipped one sunday morning at the ashram.

did i buy into it? yes. in the moment it felt like the thing to choose. the state of consciousness was, dare i say, limited and dense. so i turned away from the whisper of the inner self: get up, you'll be fine.

aaahhh. i have come a long way in strengthening and clarifying the mind. there's still a lot of work ahead. there are old conditioning and tendency in the ego yet to be uprooted.

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