Thursday, November 26, 2009

inner self helps me with costco receipt. 38 m + 10 m

thank you, my inner self. there's nothing too mundane, trivial for you to hold my hand and guide me through it all.

case in point. i'm staring into this bag of trash papers. among a lot of junk mail, unwanted papers of all variety is, i think, a costco receipt. i need it.

how so?

while i was putting away stuff yesterday i discovered a family pack of cetaphil moisturizer. it's a total mistake. i meant to get cetaphil cleanser. i could not recall how i got the two mix up. but i clearly felt a pull from within taking me away from the tendency of dwelling in the past.

back to the moment when i am staring into the bag of trash. very quickly i feel an uprising of calm taking hold of my consciousness. it is effortless to shift my attention and anchor it in the sound and movement of the breath. breathe in deep, breathe out long. a couple of rounds later, i'm like, all right, so if i have to go through the trash, so be it. with that i feel a wave of relief through the body and mind.

it is in that moment when my state of consciousness is open, quiet and clear that i hear this prompting from within. check the receipt file for that month.

i go right to the filing cabinet, pull it out, slide open the appropriate hanging folder and...wham, there is the costco receipt.

i am genuinely surprised because usually i don't keep receipts like this one after i have entered it into the appropriate quicken register. what happened? why did i save this one?

in this state of calm it quickly comes to me. when i came to this one while making entries i heard a simple message. keep this one for a little while.

now as i now reflect on it the more accurate way of describing the way i received the message is i had an experience. there was no audible voice. i heard it not with the physical ears. the message came through on a subtle level beyond the senses, beyond the mind.

thank you, my inner self. you are the seed of all knowledge, all intelligence, all wisdom.

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