Wednesday, November 25, 2009

it puts the demons to sleep 38 m + 10 m

the extended soundless resonance mmm buzz and throb tangibly in the hands and fingers.

i feel vividly the ligaments and tissues that hold the joints together relaxing. a living, breathing, warm sweetness rush into the spaces thus opened up. a gentle, caressing pulse waves through the body. the sense of enoughness is more than enough to marinate the vast field of consciousness into a state of vibrant contentment.

on the way home from our sadhana circle last night, shrileka, ever devoted and steadfast on the yogic path says, yeah, i'm doing all these things that i never had time to do or didn't think i would like to do, i feel so free. i say, sounds like you are not attached to the outcome, you are freed up to enjoy the moment totally.
the 7 of us are surely freed up as shivaa hosted and facilitated the evening along.

we chant direct from the vedas, a vigorous spiritual workout. i sure have my appetite worked up for the sublime supper shivaa so creatively and lovingly prepared.

let's see. in the words of vito, this salad is a masterpiece. everyone agrees resoundingly. lightly tossed to perfection is a beautiful bowl of baby beet greens, figs, roasted walnut, grapefruit, frisee, lettuces from dark to young green, all sliced and diced to optimal sizes and shapes. i am not actually a salad person but i have 2 piles of them.

then the soup. fava bean, edamame cooked in shiitake broth, garlic, bay leaves and then blended. the flavor is clean and rich all at once.

now we are all set to aummm and meditate. the special sweetness arising from the unbroken stream of symphonic sound is still vibrating in the body, carrying over into this morning's meditation.

after a brief pause over...drum roll please...a bite of my perfect (from shivaa's lips, not mine) wheat-free, gluten-no banana bread, shivaa leads us into a hymn singing a thousand names of the lord.
why? for what? shivaa says, it put the demons to sleep.

to cap off the evening, we do gurudeva hamara pyara. this short chant has a truly magical impact on me. it is rousing, total party-like but by the time we get to the last sound of it, we are enveloped in a sweet stillness imbued with quiet intoxication. the mind has no thought, alive and alert.

yes, indeed, we enjoy traveling, doing all kinds of fun things and they are that much more fun because we realize we don't need any of it to complete us. with our every present, ever new, ever fresh inner self, we are freed up to enjoy whatever comes. and boy o boy they come in abundance.

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