Saturday, November 28, 2009

kicking off holiday season with fresh resolve. 38 m + 18 m

i enter this holiday season with a clear eye. i'm not going to beat myself up if i couldn't get up early because i had to stay up late the night prior.

so i am all ready, willing and able to skip today's meditation since i had a big dinner late and didn't go to bed until after 11.

yet. and yet. by the time i catch the meditation space from the corner of my eyes i just couldn't resist it. i know i would have to sit down, be with my inner self, simply because i love it.

 as my awareness is flowing with the sound of the incoming and outgoing breaths i see on the screen of consciousness a fast montage of moments in my life when i lost connection with the inner self and was battered around in loneliness, unworthiness and their likes.

not any more. the unwavering love for my meditation practice guaranteed i will always have what it takes not to be succumbed by conditionings and tendencies that pull me into thinking i am anything but fearlessness and strength. there is always something to take care of. if it's not one thing, it's another. whatever happens and doesn't happen; whatever i have and don't have, don't diminish nor add to what i already am. isn't that fantastic, awesome and marvelous?

i can't think of a more spectacular way to begin the holiday season: to refresh the resolve that i will do whatever it takes to stay connected to the inner self.

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