Wednesday, November 18, 2009

meditating on thanksgiving menu 39 m + 21 m

the moment i received the thanksgiving menu from my cousin chun yu, aka tommy in america, i'm concerned this morning's meditation will be a challenge. here's why.

i look at it and i go, this is a banquet from the ninth heaven of yumm-iosity. check this out.
- Butternut squash, leek & apple soup
- roasted Turkey
- grilled shrimp
- Cranberry, ginger & lemon chutney
- roasted beet, onion, and orange salad
- roasted potato with rosemary and mustard
- pumpkin coconut cake
need i say more?
i immediately say to the mind, don't even think about it for a sec in meditation.

whooops. i just make myself the butt of the timeless, ancient meditation joke: whatever you don't want the mind to hold on to, tell it not to do it and it will surely do it.

well, this realization actually loosens the grip of the old tendency to beat myself up if and when i find the mind can't stop going over the menu over and over in over-the-top excitement and anticipation.

hwubby says, see what happens, it's all good.

so i'm really really surprised to watch the consciousness in a state of general quiet and clarity. sure, thoughts of those thoughtfully created dishes are hovering but they are more like morning mist lightly touching the perimeter of the mental horizons.

at a time like this i can see how i am uplifted and grounded at the same time by the sustained efforts i've been putting in to identify with the self within.

and i know for sure i will be thoroughly enjoying the wonderful and marvelous food that my sweet and dear cousin and his wonderful wife prepare with so much love and joy.

as hwubby says with a gorgeous smile, it's all good. yes, indeed. i promise i will bring some of my gluten-no choc chip cookies. i hope that'll be good too. hwubby chuckles, it's all good. yes, indeed.

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